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Exhibition of French prints of the First World War by ISU professor Stover runs Feb. 2-20

January 22, 2015
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Justin Dolan Stover, an Idaho State University assistant history professor, will host an exhibition of contemporary French prints of the First World War, which he collected during his trip to France.

The exhibition, “Les Miseres de la Guerre: French perspectives of the First World War” will run Feb. 2-20 with an exhibit launch and discussion on Thursday, Feb. 12 from 5 to 6 p.m. at the John B. Davis Gallery in the Fine Arts Building on the Pocatello campus.

The exhibition presents varied perspectives of the war through the medium of select contemporary French weekly magazines. It shows how the centenary of the First World War invites attendees to reflect on the conflict and its enduring cultural, economic and political impact.

Remembrance of the event is varied, and often walks the line between honoring the fallen and lamenting their loss, Stover said. The same can be said of the civilians and prisoners that endured the war, and the widows and orphans that matured in its wake.

This event is organized by the Department of History, Department of Art, Phi Alpha Theta, and the Committee for the Study of War, Violence and Conflict in Society at ISU. This is a free event open to the general public.


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