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Idaho Virtualization Laboratory’s Robert Schlader and Rebecca Hansis-O’Neill make appearance in podcast and YouTube series “All Things 3D”

December 17, 2015
ISU Marketing and Communications

POCATELLO — Idaho Virtualization Laboratory employees Robert Schlader and Rebecca Hansis-O’Neill were recently asked to participate in the “All Things 3D” podcast and YouTube series.

Schlader and O’ Neill were contacted by Michael Balzer and Chris Kopack, the creators of “All Things 3D,” and asked to participate in the podcast episode titled, “3D in Review.” Balzer and Kopack were impressed with the Idaho Virtualization Lab’s 3D “Fix a Broken Wolf Skull” modeling simulator.

“The simulator is a free, easy way to see what we do,” O’ Neill said.

In “3D in Review,” Schlader and O’Neill provided information about the Idaho Virtualization Lab and turning something physical in the world into a 3D model in the computer. They also talked about the state-of-the-art technology the laboratory has and its significance use in the lab.

To view the “Fix a Broken Wolf Skull” simulator go to http://imnh.isu.edu/home/education/fix-a-broken-wolf-skull/.

The Idaho Virtualization Laboratory was founded in 2003 and has since created many 3D projects with state-of-the-art technology for the Idaho Museum of Natural History located on the Idaho State University campus. Creating 3D projects enables the museum to preserve artifacts and use the models to show more information and pictures of exhibits and artifacts.

Balzer is heading the “All Things 3,” project to create a virtual reality education tool for children similar to the View Master toy, which allowed children to look through a red binocular-like object and view slides. He wants to create a modern version.

One future project Idaho Virtualization Lab has planned is making an app which will pull up different 3D-models based on artifacts. It will provide guests with a virtual tour of the museum. The app is currently in the development phase. It will be available in late February or early March for free.

More information about Idaho Virtualization Laboratory can be found online at http://imnh.isu.edu/home/idaho-virtualization-laboratory/.


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