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I Chose ISU: Boise’s Ben Satterwhite continues his family’s Bengal tradition

December 17, 2015
ISU Marketing and Communications

Benjamin Satterwhite grew up in Boise, but he is no stranger to Idaho State University. He continues the Bengal tradition of attending ISU as his father and uncles did before him.

Satterwhite moved to Washington to complete his undergraduate degree in physics at Western Washington University. He then traveled briefly and worked in Antarctica before returning to Idaho to complete his master’s in applied physics at Idaho State University. He graduated in December 2014 with his master’s degree.

Ben Satterwhite in the Idaho Accelerator Center.
Satterwhite became a science research technician at the Idaho Accelerator Center where he is assisting experiments at the Nevada Test Site research facility in Nevada.

“Alan Hunt is an advisor as well as a mentor who inspires me and motivates me,” Satterwhite said. “Hunt and the accelerator center engineers have mentored my progress through school and research. It’s a learning experience to get out of your comfort zone and be challenged.”

Satterwhite worked on a research paper studying the effects of barometric pressure in the standoff detection applications. His main focus is at the Idaho Accelerator Center airport facility and the PITAS (Photonuclear Inspection and Threat Assessment System) Accelerator.

“I was able to work independently and have the support of my professors,” he said. “It was specifically hands-on involvement with experimental campaigns that has separated my experience at ISU from other research programs. I have been lucky to receive the opportunity to conduct further research at the Idaho Accelerator Center.”

Satterwhite enjoys the outdoors as well. He loves to ski and climb in the local area. He also enjoys being close to home and spending time with family, especially his amazing grandma.

“I stayed here for the outdoors; there are plenty of recreation activities to do. City of Rocks has many spectacular granite cliffs for climbing and Pebble Creek is great for skiing,” Satterwhite said.


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