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Foghat, a classic rock band featured in ‘Guitar Hero 3,’ will rock ISU’s Stephens Center Oct. 15

October 9, 2015
ISU Marketing and Communications

POCATELLO — Foghat will perform at Idaho State University Oct. 15 at 7:30 p.m. in the Stephens Performing Arts Center in Jensen Grand Hall as part of ISU’s “Season of Note.”

“We love playing up there,” said Bryan Bassett, lead and slide guitarist of the band. “It’s one of my personal favorites parts of the world we hope to have a nice relaxed evening of rock and roll. We are looking forward to it.”

Bryan Bassett, by Mark Hayes, HiREs.
It’s a perfect opportunity for those who are familiar with Foghat’s “Fool for the City” album to relive some of their memories. Younger generations may be familiar with Foghat because of the band’s song, “Slow Ride,” featured in the popular video game “Guitar Hero 3.”

“Slow Ride” was re-recorded by professional studio musicians who work for Activision, the publisher of the game. The song was written by Lonesome Dave Peverett, former lead singer of Foghat, and used with his family’s permission as well as the publishers of “Slow Ride.”

“It was very beneficial to us because it introduced a lot of young people to our music,” Basset said.

Currently, Foghat has not been asked to add any songs to the collection for the new game “Guitar Hero Live” coming out October 20. Bassett said Foghat would like to be part of the game.

Foghat also contributed to the video game “Rocksmith.” Released by Ubisoft, the game teaches users how to play guitar. Ubisoft used a raw recording performed by Foghat for the game. The band was able to choose what songs to submit to “Rocksmith.”

“It’s very interesting and actually teaches you true guitar skills,” Bassett said. “It’s pretty cool because you plug in a real guitar and learn to play songs on a real instrument.”

Bassett has been with the band since 1989, after former member Rod Price retired from Foghat. Basset’s earliest memory with the band was when he saw them perform in Pittsburgh.

“My favorite memory was the first time I got to play music with Lonesome Dave, ever, at a club in a jamming situation, when he asked me to join the band,” Basset said.

Bassett was previously with the band Wild Cherry, and was part of the band for their hit record, “Play That Funky Music White Boy,” in 1976. Bassett was also an engineer and record producer for King Snake Records. He produced and engineered more than 100 albums and CDs for the company.

Bassett met Lonesome Dave in a blues club. In 1992, Price came out of retirement and performed with the band for seven years. While Price was with Foghat, Basset joined the band Molly Hatchet. He rejoined Foghat in 1999 after Price’s second retirement.

Bassett’s inspirations are the British Invasion guitarists Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, his personal favorite. He also looks to American guitarists such as Duane Allman, Johnny Winters and Lowell “Little” George. Foghat is close with Blue Oyster Cult, Kansas and Cheap Trick.

“My favorite Foghat song to perform outside of ‘Slow Ride,’ which is, of course, a crowd favorite and also one of my favorites, [is] an album track called ‘Terraplane Blues,’ which was actually written by Robert Johnson,” Bassett said. “It’s an old blues song, but the Foghat version of it is a little bit more rock and roll.”

Foghat is currently working on a new album featuring new and old cover songs that they enjoyed. They are about halfway through the album right now. Foghat is planning some special releases for the “Fool for the City” album anniversary.

“We planning a special surprise for the anniversary of the “Fool for the City” album, “Slow Ride” in particular in the upcoming months,” Bassett said.

Basset encourages ISU students to go check out their website to look up some of their live performances and get to know the band.

Bassett, who teaches at Daytona State College in Daytona Beach Florida, said he really enjoys interacting with college students and learning about modern music as well showing students classic rock. He enjoys teaching students the about the connections and influences older bands have on modern bands. Two modern bands Bassett enjoys are Cage the Elephant and Modest Mouse, which he discovered through his students.

“I would like everyone to come out and have a fun rock and roll time with us,” said Bassett. “Anyone interested in music at all would really enjoy seeing not only Foghat, but any other 70s rock bands because it connects to a lot of modern music bands.”

Tickets for the show are $38 for main level and $32 for upper level seating.

Need info for where to buy tickets.

Tickets can be purchased over the phone at (208)-282-3595 or online at The Stephens Center Box Office is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekdays. They can also be purchased at Vickers Western Stores in Pocatello or Idaho Falls or at the Pond Student Union Information Desk.


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