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Short-term study abroad trips allow Idaho State University students, faculty and staff a chance to learn about different countries

October 3, 2014
ISU Marketing and Communications

The short-term study abroad program Idaho State University has grown from taking students on one trip a year, to three, in the three years that it has been a program.

The short-term study abroad program gives students, faculty and staff a chance to learn about a country and then travel there to be immersed in the culture. Lori Warren, the program director, started the program three years ago to help students have the opportunity to travel abroad and learn about different countries. International Study Abroad Program

“My goal is to have students travel,” said Warren. “Traveling allows students to see things that they’ve never gotten to see before.”

Students can take trips lasting from one week to 20 days. Students decide what countries they want to go to, and as a group they choose destinations.

“I’ve had 14 years of experience travelling and learning about different cultures, people and countries,” said Warren. “This program is becoming a popular way for students to be immersed in these experiences, so they can learn first hand.”

Each trip is accompanied by a three to six credit course that teaches students general information about the country they will be visiting. Students learn about the language, food and customs of the country.

“These classes help students get a knowledge base of what they will see or do in that country,” said Warren. “Then when we go on our trip, the students will enjoy it more because of what they have learned in the classroom.”

Warren stresses that there is a trip for every person and budget. The trips are all-inclusive and include airfare, hotel, food, transportation and entrance into highlighted places. Students can pay for trips on their own, but Warren helps students fundraise and teaches them how to gain sponsorships.

Warren anticipates approximately 15 to 20 people for the Belize trip this year, 25 people for the Spain, France and Italy trip, and 35 participants for the trip to London, D-Day Beaches, Fance, Switzerland and Germany.

Each trip usually takes place over a winter break, spring break or summer break. Potential trips for 2016 include Australia, Costa Rica and Ireland.

For more information about the trips, contact Warren at warrlori@isu.edu or 282-2943. Her office is Graveley Hall 107.

There is also information on Facebook at “Idaho State University International Studies and Travel Association” and “Idaho State University Short-Term Study Abroad Program.”


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