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Idaho State University ESTEC has $150k available for scholarships to nuclear operation technician program

August 7, 2013
ISU Marketing and Communications

 The Idaho State University College of Technology's Energy Systems Technology and Education Center has been awarded a $150,000 grant from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to provide scholarships for people to become nuclear operation technicians.

This grant is not intended for research, but instead, the funding is being provided to directly help people go to school, pay tuition expenses, and fill jobs in the nuclear operations industry.  There is a great need for people to work as nuclear operation technicians, so the NRC is hoping scholarships will help encourage people to go to school.

The ISU Nuclear Operations Technology program will accept 15 students this fall. Every student who meets the qualifications for admission will receive $2,000 each semester for the duration of the program. The program is four semesters, so each student will receive $8,000.  Essentially, this scholarship will pay a majority of their schooling expenses to get student trained, graduated and gainfully employed. The deadline to apply for these scholarships this year is Aug. 16.

For more information, contact Lawrence Beaty. ESTEC director, at 208-282-3085 or beatlawr@isu.edu; or Sherry Rindels-Larsen, ESTEC associate director, at 208-282-3224 or rindsher@isu.edu


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