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Idaho Museum of Natural History to host variety of CommUniversity events

March 12, 2012
ISU Marketing and Communications

The array of activities offered by the Idaho Museum of Natural History at the second annual Celebrate Idaho State University CommUniversity event on March 13 demonstrate the range of event and educational opportunities that will be available to participants.

CommUniversity will run from 4 to 7 p.m. and there are more than 90 groups providing free information, tours, entertainment, culture, food, scientific displays and demonstrations in the Pond Student Union and at the Idaho Museum of Natural History.

Events set at the Museum include:

See Arctodus simus, the Museum’s newest "Big Guy" in the IMNH Gallery.  Archtodus simus, the Giant Short-faced Bear makes his debut. Arctodus hasn't been seen in Idaho since the Late Pleistocene Epoch 15,000 years ago

• Engage in scientific discovery as you find micro-fossils from Idaho's Jaguar Cave

• Time travel through the IMNH Paleontology Collections to see fossils of Idaho's ancient past

• Fill your pockets and bring in your rocks, minerals, and fossils for identification

• Learn how to date historic glass bottles

• Learn how to preserve and mount dried plants

• Learn about local wild animals and plants as you make your own booklet

• Take a tour through the Ray J. Davis Herbarium and see the collection of Idaho's wild native plants

• Learn how to dissect a frog and discover what is inside an owl pellet

• Preventative Conservation: How to Preserve Your Treasures

• Learn how to label and identify prehistoric stone tools

There are dozens more ISU departments and entities that will be featuring educational and cultural activities at the celebration.

ISU is inviting adults, children, families, businesses, organizations and everyone in surrounding communities to come to campus. CommUniversity is a joint effort by volunteers from local communities and Idaho State University to connect, support, and foster a strong spirit of mutual support, according to organizers.

Events planned are too many and too varied to list here, but highlights include:

• Performances by students from ISU music and theater departments.

• Tours of ISU's new Research and Innovation in Science and Engineering Building on Alvin Ricken Drive

• Free food, will be served beginning at 4 p.m., includes hotdogs, ice cream, popcorn, lemonade and a potato bar.

• Other options include health screenings and much more.

• Free bowling and pool at the Pond Student Union game center.

Parking for the event is free at the Pond Student Union and Frazier Hall parking lots.



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