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Idaho students to learn hands-on lessons in global economics on Nov. 7 at Idaho State University

October 29, 2012
ISU Marketing and Communications

More than 200 high school students from across Southeast Idaho will visit Idaho State University Pond’s Student Union from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Nov. 7 to prove their knowledge, creativity and enthusiasm for global economics.

This event is hosted by the ISU Center for Economic Education in the College of Education.                     

It's all part of the International Economic Summit, a one-day simulation of the global economy and what happens when countries compete for scarce resources, form strategic alliances, debate global issues, invest in long-term development projects, interact with global economic institutions, and seek to stabilize and advance the global economy. At the Summit, students break up into teams, representing more than 45 nations of today's complex world.

The Summit is an effective learning experience for high school and university students on globalization, international relations and economics, and is now being replicated in other states and countries.

 "We are building a new generation of global students, citizens and entrepreneurs who have the knowledge, skills and passion to cooperate, compete and prosper in the world's highly competitive  economy," said Leon Maynard, president of the Idaho Council on Economic Education in Boise.  "This is essential to our long term economic growth, prosperity and freedom." 

The primary sponsors of the Idaho Council on Economic Education are the College of Business and Economics and the College of Education at Boise State University, where the Council has been housed since 1971.  Some of the many other sponsors include Citi Cards, Wells Fargo Bank, US Bank, Intermountain Gas, Monsanto, ISU Credit Union, Citizens Community Bank, and Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry.

After a full semester or tri-mester of studying, researching and preparing their economic strategies, Blackfoot, Highland, Soda Springs, and West Side high school teams, and, for the first time ever, a McCammon home school group, will meet for the final one-day competition of their economic studies project. 

"The hands-on lessons students learn at the International Economic Summit will be invaluable going forward in their lives," said Tom Luna, Idaho superintendent of public instruction. "When our students graduate from high school, we know they will not just be competing with students in other states but with students all across the world. That is why we passed Students Come First and took the necessary steps to ensure all students – no matter where they live – are prepared to graduate from high school and go on to postsecondary education with the skills they need to compete and be successful in the 21st Century."

Leon Maynard and the International Economic Summit staff at the Idaho Council on Economic Education developed this hands-on learning project, which is available to all high schools throughout Idaho and which has also been marketed to other universities and high schools in Massachusetts, Mississippi, California, Nevada and even China. 

 "Not only are they learning about economics, but students learn lessons in geography, history, leadership, public speaking and teamwork," Luna said. "It is a great learning experience for the future."



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