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Idaho Museum of Natural History to offer ‘Sink Your Teeth into Science’ series for kindergarten to 8th-grade kids

November 1, 2012
ISU Marketing and Communications

The Idaho State University Idaho Museum of Natural History will offer fun educational opportunities for children in kindergarten through eighth grade in its November Learning Series "Sink Your Teeth into Science."

All classes, offered by the Museum’s Educational Resources Center, will run from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. and will be held at the Idaho Museum of Natural History in Classroom 204, located at Dillon Street and South Fifth Avenue on the ISU campus in Pocatello.

The cost for each class is $10. Register today by contacting the Educational Resources Center at 208-282-2195 or pokokell@isu.edu.

November Learning Series classes scheduled are:           

• Tuesday, Nov. 13 – "Tasting with More Than Your Tongue"

Eating a meal is a complete sensory experience; students will explore the sense with blindfolded taste tests.

Wednesday, Nov. 14 – "Tiny Bubbles: Carbonation"

Students will make fizzy drinks in exploration of carbonation and food chemistry.

Thursday, Nov. 15 – "Why Does Turkey Make Me Sleepy?" 

Students will learn about the unique properties of food that keeps them running like well-oiled machines.

Tuesday, Nov. 27 – "Batter, Dough, and Changing Matter"

Students will learn what happens when dough becomes a cookie and when batter becomes a cake.

Wednesday, Nov. 28 – "Toxins and Poisons"

Students will learn about food safety and how humans have learned what makes a healthy snack.

Thursday, Nov. 29 – "Taboo Food"

Students will explore the food customs of other cultures and try some "alternative" treats of our own.



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