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Spooky science fun – Idaho State University haunted lab open to public Oct. 29

October 20, 2011
ISU Marketing and Communications

Treat your tricksters to a field trip to the Idaho State University Haunted Science Laboratory from 3 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 29, in the Ballard Building on 1999 Alvin Ricken Drive in Pocatello.

There will be spooky science exhibits on light, reflection, refraction, illusions, electricity, lasers, holograms, phosphorescence and much more. The ISU Society of Physics Students, the Kiwanis Club, the ISU Health Physics Club, and the ISU Department of Physics are sponsoring the lab.

The entrance to the lab is in the center of the north side of the building.  

The Haunted Laboratory will feature interactive exhibits designed to delight, fright, and educate kids of all ages. All exhibits include a short description of the science involved, and suggestions on what to do or observe. 

 Exhibits include the "Disembodied Head," "Pepper’s Ghost," a Van deGraaf generator, lasers moving to music, and lots of cool illusions with smoke and mirrors.  Several exhibits use the same principles of those of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, except that here they are explained.

 The Haunted Lab was open to schools for field trips Oct. 17 – 21. 

 There will be an entrance fee of $3 per person, or $7 per family (limit 6).  These fees can be reduced by $2 with a donation of a new toy in its original packaging for the Salvation Army Secret Santa program.  All proceeds will go to charities benefiting Southeast Idaho children.



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