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Idaho State University students assembling holiday care packages for fellow students who are deployed with Idaho, Utah Army National Guard

November 3, 2010
ISU Marketing and Communications

Idaho State University students will be assembling Christmas care packages Thursday, Nov. 4, and Friday, Nov. 5, to send to their fellow students who are deployed with the Idaho Army National Guard 116th Cavalry Brigade, and others deployed with the Utah Army National Guard.

The effort is being organized by the ISU Armed Forces Veterans' Club, and is sponsored by the Veterans' Sanctuary Program and several local businesses, which donated cash and merchandise.

The agenda for assembling the care packages is:

Thursday from 9 to 10 a.m. – Lance Erickson’s first year seminar class will stuff stockings in Rendezvous Complex Room 223. Also, Peter Vik's first year seminar class will work on the care packages in the Veterans' Lounge in Nichols Hall. Veterans' Club members and Sanctuary staff will be assisting.

Friday at 1 p.m. – Students and staff will be wrapping up any remaining work on care packages.

The ISU Veterans' Club plans to send this round of care packages in time for Christmas. Two other rounds of care packages will be mailed to the student soldiers during the yearlong deployment.

For more information, contact Veterans' Sanctuary Director Casey Santee at (208) 2828-4298.



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