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Submissions sought for ISU Women’s History Month activities

January 14, 2009
ISU Marketing and Communications

The celebration of Idaho State University Women’s History Month will take place in March and its planning committee is seeking submissions for this annual event.

All campus and community organizations with events related to women that are scheduled from February through mid-April are encouraged to submit them before Wednesday, Jan. 28.

The Women’s History Month Executive Committee encourages all women-focused organizations in Pocatello to sponsor at least one special event during March in recognition of Women’s History Month. The Executive Committee will incorporate all of these events in one easy-to-use reference calendar.  

The Executive Committee will accept proposals for items to be included on the Women’s History Month calendar for March 2009. All those interested in arranging an event should provide a one-page proposal that includes the following information:

• a brief description of the proposed event;

• a list of the sponsoring organization(s) and contact information; and

• a statement of what is requested from the WHM Executive Committee (for example, inclusion on the calendar, help with booking room, flyers, etc.)  PLEASE NOTE: While it can assist organizations with small tasks related to their events, the Committee is unable to take on responsibility for any new events suggested at this meeting.  

To date, the Executive Committee has planned a few events about which they are quite excited. This year’s Women’s History Month Keynote will be delivered by Dr. Emily Toth, Professor of English and women's studies at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. Toth’s interests are in the areas of women writers, women's lives, nonfiction, biography, book and restaurant reviewing, popular fiction, Louisiana life and writing and culture, and she has written the books “Unveiling Kate Chopin” and most recently, “Ms. Mentor’s Perfect Wisdom for the Academic Soul.”

The Anderson Center’s annual national conference, The Art of Gender in Everyday Life, will be celebrating its sixth year April 2 and 3.  

Women’s History Month has been an annual event in the ISU and Pocatello communities since 1986, providing an opportunity to celebrate the lives of women throughout history. For more information, contact Heidi Harold at (208) 282-2805 or gndrctr@isu.edu.


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