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New trees planted on Hutchinson Quadrangle

May 1, 2009
ISU Marketing and Communications

More than 20 new trees have or will be planted on the Hutchinson Quadrangle to replace several large trees that were removed.

The accompanying map shows where and the types of new trees that will be planted. Several large trees were removed from the Hutchinson Quadrangle was because they were found to be hazardous, diseased or infested with insects.

Quad new tree map.They were removed according to priority and within the guidelines of hazard tree removal and insect abatement procedures established by the International Society of Arboriculture. It is the policy at Idaho State University to purchase and correctly plant three young trees for every one tree removed. 

The map above indicates the placement of these young trees and their type: 1 – Engleman Spruce; 2 – Vanderwolf Pine; 3 – Eastern Redbud; 4 – Chinkapin Oak; 5 – Crimson Cloud Hawthorn; 6 – Columnar English Oak; and, 7 – White Fir. “M” denotes a relocated tree; the red “R” denotes a removed tree.

If you have any comments or questions, contact Greg Horton at 282-4002 or hortgreg@isu.edu.




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