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ISU Native American Business Administration program featured on diversity website

August 24, 2009
ISU Marketing and Communications

The Idaho State Univerity College of Business Native American Business Administration program is being featured by America, The Diversity Place's online publication.

Diversity Place is a marketing and communications company and is traveling throughout the 48 states in the continental U.S. to report on “diversity in action” and “Multicultural Voices Across the Nation” for its online publication.

The Web-based publication is located at www.americadiversityplace.com.

America, The Diversity Place will post several features from being in the state of Idaho earlier this month, including features on Idaho State University and Boise State University.

In August a feature was posted on efforts to start an American Indian Academic Research Center (AIARC) at ISU. Doyle Anderson, professor in the College of Business, founded the Native American Business Administration (NABA) five years ago. The culturally based program helps Native students earn degrees in business.

“Business education for Native people is a catalyst for prosperity,” Anderson says.

AIARC would expand culturally based programs across disciplines on the ISU campus.

The AIARC posting will be followed by a feature on Jason Pretty Boy, coordinator of NABA. He was hired to help recruit students to the program.  James Yizar, associate dean at Idaho State University and director of the Diversity Resource Center, will be featured in a third posting.

Boise State University will be featured in a fourth posting. The fifth and final posting will be a feature on travelers stopping to look at Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls.

“On the Road: People Bridges to People” is the first marketing campaign for America, The Diversity Place. For 12 to 18, months, staff of America, The Diversity Place will report from and hold marketing events in each of the 48 states of the continental.

Reporting will include stories about innovations education, outstanding educators, special educational programs, community service, economic development, business and the greening of America’s economy, technology, various aspects of culture, environment, the arts, nonprofit organizations, seniors and faith-based organizations of every description, among other subjects.

Schools and various organizations are being invited to follow “On the Road: People Bridges to People.”


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