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ISU Event Technical Coordinator Hashem named ISU Customer Service Provider of the Year

October 20, 2009
ISU Marketing and Communications

Event Technical Coordinator Aref Hashem was named Idaho State University Cares Customer Service Provider of the Year at a surprise ceremony in mid October.

Hashem was the first to be awarded the honor since the ISU program began one year ago. ISU President Arthur Vailas presented him with a $1,000 check. Vailas said he was proud of Hashem and all at ISU who are continuing to provide good service, sometimes sacrificing to do so.

President Vailas awards Hashem.“I’m very grateful you have the heart to help other people,” Vailas said at the ceremony.

Hashem began his career at ISU in 1986 in the Facilities Maintenance Department. He became the Pond Student Union Facility Coordinator in 1991, and the Event Technical Coordinator in 1995. Hashem also holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from ISU.

ISU Cares is an ongoing customer service initiative. Each month, six staff or faculty members receive “spot awards” and $15 VISA gift cards, and a $100 award is given out each semester.

To reward someone who is providing great customer service at ISU, visit http://www.isu.edu/humanr/isucares.shtml and fill out the customer service survey.



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