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ISU signs agreement with Indian engineering university

January 7, 2008
ISU Marketing and Communications

Idaho State University and its College of Engineering have signed an educational collaboration agreement with SR Engineering College in Warangal, India, that will allow Indian students who have completed two years of study at SREC to transfer to ISU to finish their engineering degrees.

“We’re very excited about this opportunity to serve these students, and for future opportunities for ISU students in India,” said S. Hossein Mousavinezhad, Ph.D., professor and chair, ISU electrical engineering department.

Mousavinezhad has visited the SREC campus and is familiar with its students and faculty.

“With this type of agreement with a college you know the source of your (transfer) students and the quality of the institution they are transferring from,” said Mousavinezhad, who visited the Indian school’s campus in August. “It is a win-win situation for both parties.”

The first SREC students coming to ISU are due to begin fall semester 2008. Eventually, there will be opportunities for ISU students and faculty to visit SREC to participate in a variety of exchange programs.

Warangal is located in southern India in the northern portion of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Warangal was the ancient capital of the Kakatiyas, an Andhra dynasty that flourished in the 12th century. Visit www.srecwarangal.ac.in/home.php to find more information on SREC.

Indian students generally have fewer problems at U.S. institutions than international students from many other countries because they speak English fluently and are generally taught technical subjects in English before coming to the United States. There are already more Indian international students at ISU than from any other country. During fall semester 2007 more than 60 Indian students were enrolled at ISU.

ISU has several similar agreements either signed or in the works with universities in China and several other countries. The agreement with SREC is the first with an Indian university.

“It is very important for ISU’s future to maintain and forge new relationships with universities in China and India,” Mousavinezhad said. “Our international agreements will only become more important.”


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