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ISU dance company performs at national dance conference

June 24, 2008
ISU Marketing and Communications

In June, Idaho State University’s modern dance company, I-Move, gave an outstanding performance in the American College Dance Festival Association’s National College Dance Festival Conference.

I-Move dancers. More than 5,000 students and faculty from the region participated in the 10 regional events and out of 429 regional performances, 29 national performances were selected. Six dancers and three instructors from ISU were selected to perform one of the 29 pieces during the three-day event held at Columbia University in New York City.

On the last evening of the festival, the ISU I-Move Dance Company performed a piece titled “Temporarily Out of Order,” which was choreographed by visiting assistant professor, Rosa Vissers, under the direction of interim director of dance, Lauralee Zimmerly.

The performers consisting of Dana Akins, Belle Baggs, Bridget Close, Victor Gomez, Cassie House and Omar Raudez, gave an outstanding performance to a packed house inside Miller Theater.

Other colleges and universities represented at the festival included Ball State, Arizona State, University of Wyoming, Webster College, Barnard College, Chapman University, University of New Mexico, New Mexico State, North Carolina State, University of South Carolina, Wayne State, University of Wisconsin, Pomona College and University of Texas- Austin.

ISU’s I-Move was established in 2004 as ISU’s  modern dance company. Auditions are held annually and open to students, faculty and community members.

For more information, contact the dance faculty at 282-2658 in the Red Hill Dance Complex offices or Sherri Dienstfrey at 282-3561.


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