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IMNH continues armchair traveler series with Dr. Roger Boe

January 3, 2008
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Got cabin fever? Then take another vicarious vacation as the Idaho Museum of Natural History’s Armchair Traveler lecture series continues with a presentation by Dr. Roger Boe.

“This past summer we had the chance for a trip of a lifetime, a tour through China, Tibet and Cambodia. . . I hope to take you on a cultural and spiritual journey through this most fascinating part of the world,” said Boe. 

Dr. Boe’s free public talk entitled “China, Tibet & Cambodia: Timeless Cultures, Profound Changes” will be held Friday, Jan. 11, at 7 p.m. in the Museum’s Classroom.

For many years, Dr. Boe and his wife Donna have been privileged to be able to travel to many interesting places around the world, both as part of their volunteer work and for enjoyment.They appreciated the sights, but the most fascinating aspect to them was learning about the people, their culture and customs, their religious practices, and the profound changes that are taking place in all of their lives today.

Dr. Boe was a pediatrician in Pocatello for 35 years before he retired in 1999 to do full time medical volunteer work. His photography has developed into a passion over the last 20 years. He began taking photos at first to document family activities and the places they visited. More recently it has become a means to express his fascination with the peoples of the world—the similarities and differences between their cultures, customs, and ways of living and our own.

For more information on the presentation, contact Kristin Fletcher at the Idaho Museum of Natural History at (208) 282-2262 or 


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