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Public forum set April 24 to address Rendezvous, campus parking issues

April 20, 2007

To address concerns about parking at the new ISU Rendezvous complex and on campus generally, Facilities Planning will host a public forum and discussion April 24 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in the PSUB dining area.

The objective of the public forum is to inform, involve and articulate problems or inconveniences with respect to on- and off- campus parking.

Campus drawings illustrating parking concepts for the Rendezvous will be on display. A Facilities Planning representative will be available as well to discuss the drawings, answer questions, listen to issues of concern and collect information about campus parking needs.

A Web-based forum also is planned in conjunction with the public forum so that the community can conveniently view PDF versions of the drawings online, as well as leave comments for others to read and respond to.

The university has some money to spend on parking enhancements and repairs, so this is an opportunity for the ISU community and the general public to help shape the future of parking and influence the development of the campus. How much parking, whether or not cars are part of the future campus, how pedestrians get around the campus, and how important the landscape is are all important issues of this parking and campus-planning forum.


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