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Olson-Elle named ISU Classified Employee of the Year

June 8, 2007
ISU Marketing and Communications

Dana L. Olson-Elle, director of the Idaho State University Outdoor Adventure Center has been named Classified Employee of the Year for 2007.

Olson-Elle said that she appreciates the award, but was shocked to find out that she was the winner.

“I feel I work hard, I’m very dedicated to the Outdoor Adventure Center and I put a lot of heart and soul into it,” Olson-Elle said.

Olson-Elle began her career at ISU as a work-study student with the outdoor program in the 1970s. She has been an employee of the university for 22 years and has seen three offices meld into the current Outdoor Adventure Center.

Her job doesn’t end at 5 p.m. every week day like some ISU employees. She works long hours in and outside the office trying to provide educational outdoor experiences for the ISU community.

Olson-Elle is an alumnus of ISU and has dedicated her career to the students at the institution. She received a desk clock, a year of free parking and $500.         

Even when given $500, Olson-Elle found a way to give back to the center. She bought a waterproof digital camara which she recently used on a white water trip for the center. However, she said that the camera will also be for her own personal use.


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