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NSF presents ISU with media award for GK-12 Program

March 30, 2007
ISU Marketing and Communications

 The National Science Foundation has not only granted Idaho State University’s GK-12 program a second three-year $1.8 million award, but has also awarded ISU with the 2007 GK-12 Media Award.

ISU’s current GK-12 Program partners ISU undergraduate and graduate students in science and engineering with a local K-12 teacher for one year to help K-12 students do more ‘real world’ science and engineering.

This award recognizes ISU’s success in getting the word out about the ISU GK-12 program through our local TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and other media.
“We’d like to thank all the local reporters for the great stories they have written,” said Hannah Sanger, GK-12 coordinator.

Additionally, the program director, ISU professor Dr. Rosemary Smith notes “the true success of this program is the outstanding collaborations of the ISU students and K-12 teachers as they provide exciting science and engineering activities to local students.”

The award was given at the GK-12 annual meeting in D.C. this March, where ISU graduate student Kira Pontius also presented a poster on her research about the reproductive strategies of burying beetles.

For additional information, please contact Sanger at 282-6458 or sanghann@isu.edu, or Smith at 282-4918 or smitrose@isu.edu.


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