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ISU College of Technology announces honors

May 29, 2007
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The Idaho State University College of Technology presented awards to community members and faculty during a recent awards luncheon.

This year’s recipients were:

•    Community Partner Award:  Ed Guthrie, Pocatello Police Chief;

•    Professional Achievement Award: Thomas Harris, President of Western States Equipment;

•    Outstanding Achievement Award:  Diane Allen and Bill Gibbs;

•    Staff Excellence Award:  Pam Edwards and Esther Stapleton.

The Community Partner award was developed to recognize people in the community that

give unselfishly of their time and energy to support programs at the College of Technology. The College is pleased to recognize Chief Ed Guthrie. Chief Guthrie has played an important role in providing support for the Law Enforcement program from serving as the chair of the program advisory committee to teaching, and providing equipment and training supplies needed to provide students with exceptional learning opportunities.

The Professional Achievement Award recognizes alumni who distinguish themselves

by demonstrating values and traditions.  Thomas Harris graduated in 1973 from the Diesel Mechanics program. He accepted a position with Western States as a mechanics helper following graduation and has climbed through the ranks at Western States to his current position as President, employing approximately 600 people.  Western States continuously supports the Diesel/Diesel Electric program through equipment donations for training purposes and with scholarship dollars to assist students in receiving their education.

    Diane Allen and Bill Gibbs are the 2007 recipients of the Outstanding Achievement award given to two faculty members each year.  Each of these individuals distinguishes themselves as a professional technical instructor and contributes to the development and positive image of professional technical education, providing assistance to students beyond the classroom.  Diane is a Senior Instructor in the Technical Department and teaches Math in the General Education program.  Comments from Diane’s students express their appreciation, “I really enjoyed Math 123 from Diane. It was the first Math class that I had fun in.” Another student states, “I think Diane’s class leaves student with knowledge that makes you feel like you’ve learned something new that you can actually apply to everyday life.” Diane was also nominated for the 2007 ISU Distinguished Teacher Award. Bill Gibbs also received this award. Bill is an Advanced Instructor in the Computerized Machining Technology program. As his nominator stated, “Bill is continuously working to upgrade his program curriculum for top quality educational goals. He holds a high degree of professionalism, always ready to engage and cooperate in resolving issues related to both faculty and students.” Both Diane and Bill are recognized for their outstanding efforts as instructors, student advocates, professionals, and colleagues.

    Pam Edwards and Esther Stapleton are the 2007 recipients of the Staff Excellence Award. This award was developed to recognize classified and non-classified staff members for their quality of work, proficiency and initiative, skills in dealing with people, dependability and creativity, as well as the ability to relate to others in a manner that reflects well upon the College of Technology.  Pam Edwards is the Assistant Director of Student Services, providing over 18 years of service to the College of Technology. Her nominator stated, “Pam exemplifies the purpose of the award through her demonstrated quality of service and commitment to students and staff over the past 18 years.” Esther Stapleton is an Administrative Assistant II in the Business and Services department and has 17 years of service to the College. As stated by her nominator, “Esther is very professional and efficient. She has a willingness to make things the best they can be. In my opinion this award should not go to someone for doing her job well, but rather to someone who has gone above and beyond what is in her job description to make the College a better place.”

    To conclude the awards presentations years of service awards were presented to faculty and staff who have served at the College:

    5 Years: Jeff Bates, Sindy Davidson, Nancy Goodman, Darin Jernigan, Clayn Lambert, Lana Neeley, Don Shepherd, and Wally Smith;

    10 years: Don Beamis, Norma Bird, Marie Campbell, Marcella Enos, Bobbi Fitch, Bill Gibbs, Dave Miller, Randy Norton and Wes Womack;

    15 years: Becky Evans, Karen Helland, Anza Ketterman, Carol Mundt, Dianne Norton, and Scott Rasmussen;

    20 years: Fancie Haney;

    25 years: Leann Eilander;

    30 years: Blaine Burkman and Deb Thompson;

    35 years: Bob Rost.


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