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For second year, an ISU student wins Idaho Lottery scratch ticket design contest

April 6, 2007

For the second consecutive year, Idaho State University has the top winner in the Idaho Lottery’s Collegiate Scratch Ticket Design contest.  This year’s winner Jeff Wolfley, a senior in the Mass Communications program, wanted to create a scratch ticket that blended something famous from Idaho with something else very popular – poker.

Wolfley“I started with potatoes and went on to Spuds,” explained Wolfley who hails originally from Star Valley in Wyoming. “And what rhymes with Spuds? Studs, like in seven card stud poker.”

Wolfley is not a traditional ISU student at age 52, but neither is his game. “We’re really excited to have such a good opportunity to run a clever, well designed poker ticket like Spuds and Studs,” said Sherie Moody-St. Clair, Idaho Lottery Advertising Manager and organizer of this year’s design contest.

The Scratch Ticket Design contest is sponsored by the Idaho Lottery for the purposes of helping students utilize their graphic design skills and techniques in a real-life scenario. “It’s a way to continue our mission of benefiting Idaho public schools and buildings at the collegiate level,” said Moody-St. Clair.

The Idaho Lottery received 42 additional entries from three other Idaho college campuses this year including the University of Idaho, North Idaho College, and Lewis-Clark State College. All entries were judged by a panel of lottery ticket experts for their design/visual appeal, creativity, play style, and overall marketability.Tired of the rat race and big city life, the 25-year veteran in the publication trades decided to sell his graphic design business in Las Vegas and return home for his college degree. “I have a lot of family in Pocatello and it’s close to where I grew up,” said Wolfley on his return to campus life in 2005.

For his future, Wolfley is leaving his options open saying he’d like to work somewhere in the Intermountain West region. He plans to put his $1,000 winnings directly into his education.

Alex Meinars, a 22 year-old senior from Victor, Idaho, won $100 for her entry of Diggin’ for Dough.  She completed her design in eight days after spending about $40 on scratch tickets for research. “It turned out better than I expected,” she said of the design inspired by notions of college students always digging to find a little extra cash.Meiners is graduating in May and is looking for internships in New York City.  She has modest plans though for her winnings, “I will probably take my boyfriend to dinner and buy a lottery ticket!”

Both Wolfley and Meiners completed the school project as part of an independent study course. Idaho State University Professor Paula Jull facilitated both students work this year. “I think this is a good project for the students and it is ‘real world’,” said Jull on the experience.

Wolfley will have “Spuds and Studs” printed as part of the official Idaho Lottery line-up in Fiscal Year 2008.


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