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ISU to host single parents conference

August 7, 2007
ISU Marketing and Communications

The second annual “Single Parents Connecting,” conference will be held Tuesday, Aug. 21. The conference, sponsored by the ISU College of Technology Center for New Directions, will be held from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Roy F. Christensen Building (#48), 777 Memorial Drive, Pocatello.
Being a single parent can be difficult as Michelle Juenke from Saint Anthony can attest. Michelle became a single parent following the death of her husband. She knew she had to find resources to help her with counseling and financial issues during the transition to single parenthood. While doing some research she found the Idaho State University Center for New Directions and began working with Dianne Norton, a counselor. “I was desperate” states Michelle, “Diane has helped me to put things in perspective and keep them there. I know that I am not as helpless as I may feel some days.”
Juenke began her education in 2002 at Idaho State University to further her career in nursing. She currently works as a Licensed Practical Nurse for the Department of Juvenile Corrections and plans to become a registered nurse. She admits that life has given her some challenges that have interfered with her education but she has remained committed to completing the goal she originally setout to accomplish: graduating from the University with a degree. Michelle has been accepted into the Associate Degree Registered Nurse program and will begin classes this fall. “I knew I had to set a good example for my daughter and to show her that nothing is impossible,” states Michelle. “I am working through my everyday struggles to reach my goal – only 367 days until I graduate and become a Registered Nurse.”
Being everything to everyone, finding time to spend with her daughter, staying focused on the big picture and managing her time overall are just some of the challenges Michelle says she faces as a single parent. She offers advice for other single parents, “Don’t give up, everything is attainable and stay focused on the end result. The Center for New Directions counselors have suggestions to help you succeed and the single parent conference will be a great resource for all of us.”
The “Single Parents Connecting” conference is designed for both women and men in a single parenting role. It is an opportunity to gain information through workshops, speakers, networking and exposure to local training and educational resources. The conference will feature workshops focusing on creating an action plan to fit individual needs, lifestyle and preferences; building and maintaining healthy relationships; raising respectful kids; understanding your money, credit and debt; activities for parents and their child/children and nutritious meals and snacks.
The Conference is FREE of charge and free child care assistance is also available during the conference. A continental breakfast and luncheon will be provided for participants. To register for this conference, contact the Center for New Directions at (208) 282-2454 or go online: www.isu.edu/departments/cnd <http://www.isu.edu/departments/cnd>.
The Center for New Directions at Idaho State University assists women and men in transition to overcome personal and economic barriers to education and employment, to access training programs and job opportunities, and to become personally and economically self-sufficient. The Center works with College of Technology students who may need assistance while in school and with community members who are looking for a new directions in employment and education.


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