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ISU Program Board name changed to Student Activities Board, offices moved

August 21, 2007
ISU Marketing and Communications

The Associated Students of Idaho State University Program Board no longer exists: in its place is the newly-named Student Activities Board, which also has a new location within the Pond Student Union Building.

“The Student Activities Board will be doing all the programming for ASISU,” stated Stuart Summers, director of the Student Activities Board. “It will do the programming for the movie theater, concerts, homecoming, Spring Fest and other activities covered by the old Program Board.”

Summers said the Program Board’s name was changed to the Student Activities Board because the new name is easily recognizable – new freshman and transfer students can quickly and easily identify the purpose of the organization. The name of “Program” Board was also misleading and led some students to believe it dealt with computer programming. This new name is more universal and distinguishable among other campus groups, and with “student” in the title it better reflects the idea that the board is “for students, by students,” Summers said.

The Student Activities Board has a new office located on the first floor of the Pond Student Union Building near the Outdoor Adventure Center. The Students’ Community Service Center, Student Organizations and Greek Life offices are located in this suite of offices.

Other offices and rooms have been moved within the PSUB or have been relocated. ASISU student government offices have been moved from the Hypostyle to the suite of offices located behind the Information Desk next to the Ballroom. The Bengal Newspaper offices have been moved from behind the Information Desk to the Hypostyle. ISU’s new Diversity Resource Center has been moved from the lower level of the PSUB to the upper level of the PSUB where the ASISU Program Board was previously housed. The Mind’s Eye Art Gallery has been moved from the lower level of the PSUB to the Atrium area of the new Rendezvous Complex.

The Office of Student Affairs remains in the Hypostyle between the PSUB and the Museum Building.


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