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IMNH Armchair Traveler series features talk on Bhutan

November 28, 2007
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It’s time to take another vicarious vacation with a local adventurer as part of the Idaho Museum of Natural History’s Armchair Traveler lecture series. Join Carole McWilliam, Ph.D., for the third presentation as she recounts her life-changing expedition to Bhutan, a seldom-visited country nestled in the eastern Himalayas. 

McWilliam’s free public talk entitled “The Hidden Kingdom of Bhutan” will be held Friday, Dec. 7, at 7 p.m. in the Museum’s Classroom. One of the 10 biodiversity hot spots in the world, Bhutan’s government works hard to preserve its cultural and natural environments. McWilliam recalls, “People had told me that Bhutan was different but I did not expect to see the change so suddenly when we crossed the border from India. All of a sudden, things moved more slowly; there was less traffic; it was quieter.”

McWilliam graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia before moving to Idaho where she received an M.S. in Education Administration at ISU. She later completed a PhD in Education Administration at the University of Utah. Dr. McWilliam was the vice-principal and principal for a number of Pocatello schools before moving to the district office. She served first as the director of secondary education and then became the assistant superintendent. In addition, Dr. McWilliam served on the State Board of Education for five years.

A well-seasoned traveler, Dr. McWilliams will share her unique insights on this seldom visited corner of the world. She adds, “I have always loved to travel. Traveling to other continents opens your eyes to the fact that there is always other ways to view things. Travel makes you more aware of the world situations.”  

For more information on the presentation, contact Kristin Fletcher at the Idaho Museum of Natural History at (208) 282-2262 or fletkris@isu.edu.





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