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Chemistry professor Rosentreter recognized as inventor by INL

December 14, 2007
ISU Marketing and Communications

Idaho State University Chemistry Professor Jeffrey Rosentreter was awarded an inventor’s plaque and honorarium at the Idaho National Laboratory’s Annual honors banquet in December.

Each year INL sponsors an awards banquet to recognize all inventors who received patents or national level awards during the preceding year. During the celebration, a film was played that highlighted the achievements of these inventors.

Rosentreter was recognized for his collaborative work with INL’s technology transfer and commercialization department that eventually led to a United States patent. The patent issued to Rosentreter and colleagues describes a detector for the “Continuous real-time measurement of aqueous cyanide.”

As reported by the “Worldwide Health Monitor,” the new method for detecting cyanide in drinking water and other sources offers numerous advantages over cumbersome existing technology. The new sensor produces results of toxins in water instantaneously and targets the specific form of cyanide toxic to humans and other organisms – making it especially attractive for safety and security applications.

Rosentreter’s cyanide detector received widespread national and international publicity in 2007.


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