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Burkman to retire after 33 years in graphic arts at ISU

September 7, 2007
ISU Marketing and Communications

When he started as a student at Idaho State University in 1964, Blaine Burkman knew he was going to accomplish his goal of attending college and earning a degree. He sought out various options and found his first interest was in Diesel Technology. However, when he learned the program was full the upcoming semester and he knew he had to get in; he followed his counselor’s advice and enrolled in the Graphic Arts/Printing Technology program. He comments, “I was in the first print shop I had ever been in. I liked it and decided to stay. It was one of the best decisions I made.”

To recognize Blaine for his years of service, an open house will be held September 13, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the graphic arts program area at the College of Technology, (Trade and Technology Building, Room 207). All friends and colleagues are invited.  

In 1966, Blaine received a Technical Certificate in Graphic Arts. While taking classes, Blaine was a work study in Graphic Arts and worked in the ISU Printing and Publications office. When the opportunity arose, he applied for an open position in the Graphic Arts program. Accepting the position, he did press work and bindery operations. In 1987, he received an offer from Farm Bureau of Idaho to manage their printing services. During this time, he also worked with the Idaho State Journal.

Burkman could not remain away from the University and in 1994, returned to ISU’s Graphic Arts/Printing Technology program. “This was always where my heart was”, states Blaine. During the 33 years of combined time at ISU, Blaine has worked in various capacities within the Graphic Arts program and over the past four years he expanded his commitment to students, serving as an instructor and teaching the following classes: presses 123; printing mathematics; darkroom/camera; bindery; masking, and a portion of the introductory course.

While off during summers and in his spare time, Blaine had part time printing jobs and worked for Litho Printing, Modern Printing, Gateway Printing and PRIMS. At one point during his service he could also be found selling tickets at Holt Arena.

When asked what the highlights to his career have been, Blaine states, “I have really enjoyed my time at Idaho State University and have known or worked for every instructor in the Graphic Arts/Printing Technology program, all but the first one hired in the 1930’s.”  Other highlights for Blaine include reviewing the Lewis and Clark graphic arts curriculum for accreditation and printing various items such as the Bengal Newspaper that received several print quality awards when the program used to print it.  

Burkman and his wife have been married for 40 years and plan to spend a good part of retirement visiting their grandchildren in western Idaho and visiting friends throughout the U.S.  Blaine’s main goal is to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Human Resource Training and Development. His retirement plans also include helping his brothers farm and ranch, camping, hunting, fishing, mountain climbing, riding bicycles, and making a playhouse for the grandkids.


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