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Student Activities Board

The Student Activities Board - Idaho Falls plans and provides a variety of fun activities and events for students throughout the academic year. Activities range from free lunches and dinners, Carnivals, and Events To-Go. Our events often include free food for students, as well as fun games, competitions and prize raffles. Our goal is to help students have a fun experience and get to know other people. Why not take advantage of the free stuff? We have a blast, so check out our event calendar and come join us. We hope to see you there!

SAB hamburger lunch March 29 12:00pm CHE FoyerFree Hamburger Lunch

Wednesday, March 29
CHE Foyer
Students, Staff, and Faculty Welcome

SAB Spring Carnival April 8 from 11am to 1 pmSpring Carnival

Saturday, April 8
11am - 1pm

Free tickets available at Bennion info desk
ISU & UI community welcome
University ID required for tickets

Upcoming SAB Events:

Wednesday, March 29 - Free Hamburger Lunch at 12:00pm in BSUB

Tuesday, April 4 - Free Lunch at 12:00pm in BSUB

Saturday, April 8 - Carnival - 11am-1pm in BSUB

Meet the Board

Brecklyn Sheldon 2022-23 SAB Director

Brecklyn Sheldon

SAB-IF Director
Office: Bennion SUB #214
(208) 282-7879

Kat Richardson 2022-23 SAB Event Assistant

Kat Richardson

SAB-IF Event Assistant
Office: Bennion SUB #210A

Apply for SAB Event Programmer

Apply for SAB

Contact Brecklyn Sheldon for more details: | (208) 282-7879

Contact Us:

Phone: (208) 282-7879

Facebook: Idaho State University-IF Activities | Instagram: @asisu_sabif

SAB Office: Bennion SUB #210B | Director Office: Bennion SUB #214