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Holt Arena

Holt Arena is an indoor multi-purpose athletic stadium in the western United States, located on the campus of Idaho State University in Pocatello, Idaho. It is the home field of the Idaho State Bengals of the Big Sky Conference and sits at an elevation of 4,560 feet (1,390 m) above sea level.

Originally named the ASISU Minidome, it opened 47 years ago in 1970 at the north end of the ISU campus. Holt Arena is the oldest enclosed stadium on a college campus in the United States and the second-oldest overall. Only the Houston Astrodome, completed in 1965, predates it. Since the Astrodome's 2006 closure Holt Arena has been the oldest enclosed stadium in use. The original artificial turf installed in 1970 was Poly-Turf. The venue was renamed in 1988 to honor Milton W. "Dubby" Holt (1914–2007), ISU's athletic director from 1967 to 1989.

As assistant athletic director, Holt conceived the indoor arena in 1966 and it was designed by architect Cedric M. Allen. Although a controversial design proposal for the time, ISU students voted to appropriate not more than $2.8 million to the project two years later. The arena was built entirely with these voluntary student funds. With over 56% in favor, ISU students approved a twelve dollar increase in semester fees to fund the stadium in early 1968.




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