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Get to Know Our ISU Student-Athletes



How the FAR Supports Faculty 

  • The FAR's three main responsibilities include serving as a liaison between faculty and athletics, advocating on behalf of student athlete welfare, and compliance. 
  • If you have any concerns about student athletes in your class, I can help. Sometimes there are issues with travel, missed class, or academic performance and I can point you to the right support service or answer questions. 

There are 266 student athletes on scholarship at ISU with an average GPA of 3.36

ISU’s student athlete number rises to approximately 358 when accounting for non-scholarship student athletes with a combined overall GPA of 3.27

Where do our student-athletes come from?

Arizona: 9
California: 52
Colorado: 3
Delaware: 1
Hawaii: 4
Idaho: 91
Indiana: 1
Iowa: 1
Louisiana: 1
Michigan: 1
Montana: 5
Nebraska: 2
Nevada: 3
New Jersey: 1
New Mexico: 1
North Dakota: 1
Oregon: 7
Texas: 4
Utah: 19
Washington: 14
Wisconsin: 1
Wyoming: 3


37 students from:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Poland, Reunion [FR], Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom

Graduate Areas of Study

Athletic Administration: 1
Athletic Administration: 5
Business Administration: 8
Communication: 2
Medical Lab Science: 1
Political Science: 1
Sociology: 1

*Statistics taken from Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 data

Undergraduate Majors

Accounting: 4
Anthropology: 1
Applied Science: 1
Biology: 8
Chemistry: 2
Civil Engineering: 2
CommSciences/Disorders: 5
Communication: 15
Community and Public Health: 1
Computer Engineering: 1
Computer Science: 6
Dental Hygiene: 2
Earth/Environmental Systems: 2
Economics: 1
Elementary Education: 3
English: 2
Finance: 13
Fire Services Administration: 1
General Business: 20
Health Science: 21
Healthcare Administration: 4
Management: 11
Marketing: 6
Mathematics: 2
Mechanical Engineering: 5
Microbiology: 2
Nursing: 4
Philosophy: 1
Physical Education: 12
Political Science: 3
Psychology: 13
Radiographic Science: 1
Secondary Education: 8
Social Work: 2
Sociology: 12
Sport and Exercise Science: 11
Sport Management: 16
Undecided: 10
University Studies: 13

Tips for Faculty

We have exceptional faculty at ISU. Thank you for everything you do. Below are just a few insights to help as you interact with ISU student-athletes.

  • Student-athletes should be treated just the same as all students. Provide student-athletes the same opportunities as every enrolled student. Student-athletes should not get any special privileges.
  • Sometimes student-athletes miss class as they represent ISU. Student absence policy
  • Student-athletes are not permitted to miss class due to practice, meeting a coach, working out or receiving medical care.
  • Student-athletes are not all the same. Some are on full scholarships, but there are others on partial scholarships, and some receive no scholarship support at all. Just like our overall ISU student population, student-athletes are a diverse group.

Questions? Need Support?

Karen Hartman

Karen Hartman

FAR and Professor

Office: Frazier 221



Brad Puckett

Brad Puckett

Associate Director for Student Athlete Academic Services, Football, Women’s Basketball

Office: Museum Bldg. 307F



Liz Geyer

Liz Geyer

Athletic Academic Advisor - Women's Soccer, Women's Softball, Women's Volleyball, Women's Tennis, Men's Tennis

Office: Museum Building 307I