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On-Campus Recruitment and Guidelines

ISU Career Center will no longer post domestic employment positions (e.g. nannies/babysitters, care givers, private tutors, housekeepers, drivers, gardeners, etc.). 

The guidelines presented herein are designed to provide employers with a basic understanding of the ISU Career Center’s expectations for conduct.

Employers which offer commissioned positions that require any upfront, out-of-pocket fees related to employment such as fees for training, marketing materials, sales leads, sample kits or inventory, un-reimbursed fees for licensing, start-up fees, or that ask employees to recruit others as part of their compensation will fully disclose all pertaining information.

  1. Employers must be able to articulate the specific compensation that an employee will receive for specified duties.
  2. No solicitation of goods or services is allowed in conjunction with the use of the Idaho State University Career Center in recruiting personnel.
  3. Employment professionals will refrain from any practice that improperly influences and affects job acceptances. Such practices may include undue time pressure for acceptance of job offers and encouragement of revocation of another employment offer.
  4. Employment professionals will be honest and forthright about the industry or organization which they represent.
  5. Employment professionals will comply with federal and state Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) laws in all aspects of employment relationships including recruiting, interviewing, selection, hiring, transfers, promotions, training, terminations, working conditions, compensation, etc. (www.eeoc.gov)
  6. When employment professionals conduct recruitment activities through student associations or academic departments, such activities will be conducted in accordance with the guidelines of the Career Center.
  7. Third party recruiters will respond to inquiries by the Career Center regarding the relationship and the position that is being contracted to fill.
  8. The Career Center advises against using alcohol in any part of the recruitment process.
  9. Employment professionals will inform and encourage adherence of these guidelines by all individuals employed by their company and by any third parties that represent their company on campus, and will investigate and respond to any reports of noncompliance.
  10. Employers seeking authority to electronically post their own positions shall fully disclose the nature of their business and represent their positions in a congruent manner to their company description and job descriptions.
  11. Complaints against an employer regarding unethical or illegal activities or noncompliance of the above guidelines will be reviewed by the Career Center. Upon satisfactory completion of the review, the employer will be permitted to continue advertising and recruiting positions via the Career Center resources.
  12. The Career Center has the right to refuse to serve any employer.

Employer Presentations

If you are interested and/or willing to share your "real world experience" in a classroom or workshop setting, please give us a call. This is a wonderful opportunity for your company to donate time and talent to the university, for students to gain valuable insight into the world of work and for the Career Center to help you promote your company name on campus. Get involved today.

For more information call the Career Center Director at (208)282-2380.