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On-Campus Employment Resources

Job Descriptions

The first step is to create a job description.  Be sure to include the job title and put CPI or Workstudy in parenthesis after the title if applicable.  Include a job summary by providing an overview of your department and expectations of the position.  Lastly, you should list a few of the responsibilities and duties of the position.  You may also include any particular qualifications, skills or particular majors if applicable.

Sample Job Description


The next step is to post your job description on Handshake. If you do not have a Handshake Employer account please go to the Handshake Employer page and click sign up in the upper right hand corner to create one.

Please log into your Handshake Employer account to post the position.  On the left hand side will be a link to post a job.  Copy and paste the job description into the description section.  If your job has a pay range based on experience please put this in the description section.  Handshake will ask you when you want the job post to expire.  Most on-campus jobs expire within 3 months.  It is not recommended to have an expiration date past that.  You can always extend the job expiration date out further if needed.

Hiring process

Once you have selected a student to hire as an employee you will need to send the student to HR with appropriate proof of identification to fill out paperwork. Once that is completed you can create an EPAF for you student employee.  If your student is also a Career Path Intern (CPI) be sure to fill out the CPI agreement form and send them to the CPI office.

Acceptable documents for I-9

Student Employee New Hire Form

Orienting Student Employees

Weekly Student Employee Journal


Student Evaluations

One of the best ways to ensure that your student employee is gaining the skill sets necessary to succeed in the workplace is through student evaluations.  We recommend that you sit down with your student and conduct evaluations once a semester.  

Student Employee Evaluation Form