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Incident Reporting Form


Violations in academic integrity should be handled in accordance with ISU Policy #4000; faculty should review Policy #4000 guidelines in addressing individual cases. If a violation of academic integrity is suspected, the faculty member should carry out an investigation, following these steps:

1. Review the submission and identify matching content (plagiarism) or content that does not reflect the assignment or the author's voice (cheating). You may want to discuss the material in question with your Department Chair or Supervisor.

2. Arrange a meeting with the student, keeping the following guidelines in mind:

  • the student should be allowed a minimum of three school days to schedule an appropriate time
  • the student may  be asked to bring in or submit research or other materials used for the assignment
  • the meeting may be held face to face or via Zoom, whichever is most appropriate

3. At the meeting, discuss your concerns with the student's behavior or assignment. Allow students to explain their process in creating any documents in question, and give them an opportunity to respond to your concerns.

4. After the meeting, review the information you have gathered to make a determination about the academic integrity violation. If you determine there is no violation, no further action is needed. If you determine there is a violation, select the penalty to impose.

  • a reduction in the grade on the assignment.
  • a failing grade for the assignment
  • a failing grade for the course.

5. Inform the student in writing of the determination and sanction imposed, if applicable.

6. File a report with the Registrar if you decide upon one of the sanctions listed in Step #4. The report should contain the student’s name, ID, date of the incident, description of the incident, and evidence. If multiple students are involved, a separate report should be written for each student. Please complete the Registrar Cover Sheet and attach this sheet to the top of your report; please include as well a copy of your syllabus, which should state your class policy on cheating, plagiarism, and AI, if applicable. The report should be emailed to acaddish@isu.edu and to academicintegrity@isu.edu.