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Graduate Students Host Workshop at International Bilingual and Bicultural Education Conference

March 20, 2023

Two doctoral students in the Idaho State University Educational Leadership, Instructional design and Technology EdD program alongside their professor, Dr. Shu-Yuan Lin, provided a full-day workshop to educators at the 52nd Annual International Bilingual and Bicultural Education Conference in Portland, Oregon in February. 

Their workshop titled, “Creating an Accessible Learning Environment for English Language Learners” focused on strategies such as instructional materials, digital resources, and use of language that educators can incorporate into their teaching to create accessible learning environments. Attendees included teachers of multilingual learners, principals and doctoral students from across the nation. The workshop concluded with the importance of an accessibility mindset in creating an accessible learning environment for students. The workshop was summed up with the SUM framework, insights from Second language acquisition, Universal Design for Learning, Multimedia Learning Principles that helped educators to make informed decisions on creating sensible, usable, and meaningful instructional materials, activities, and environments for the learning of multilingual learners.  

Lin and her students, Tingxuan Lu and Barry Huang, received a College of Education Dean’s Excellence Fund grant to travel and attend the conference. This grant was provided to help support student engagement and success.


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