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Admissions and Recruitment September Update

October 26, 2023

As the new school year starts to settle down, you may have noticed all the additional students around campus. With overall undergraduate enrollment up, new first-time undergraduates accounted for 25.6% of that growth with 359 students. That is the largest number of new first-time undergraduates since Fall 2014!

To keep the momentum going, the ISU Admissions team kicked off September with almost 150,000 emails, nearly 19,000 texts, and over 47,000 pieces of print mail to help bring prospective students to campus.

We also participated in IACRAO Counselor Days, where we updated counselors across the state about what to expect from Idaho State this year. In November, we will host our own counselor event here on campus to continue building connections with our local school counselors and career advisors. 

Additionally, our team attended 25 college fairs, visited 50 high schools, and hosted 41 individual campus visits and 5 group tours in September. During October, our ISU Admissions Coordinators will be traveling throughout the west to Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, and Idaho to speak to students about their future at Idaho State. Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter, including updates on our October high school visits, college fairs, HYLS, and Experience ISU!

Click here to view the entire month breakdown and keep track of progress throughout the year.



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