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College of Business Sales Program Receives Second Scholarship Endowment

January 25, 2022

Jeff Wimer

The Idaho State University College of Business’s Sales Certificate Program has received its second endowment scholarship, this time from the Bailey Financial Group of Northwestern Mutual in Boise, Idaho. The Northwestern Mutual Sales Scholarship Endowment is a $25,000 gift that will benefit any business student pursuing the Professional Selling Certificate offered by the College of Business.
“Northwestern Mutual – Boise, Idaho is both excited and honored to partner with Idaho State University with this Endowment,” said Jeff Wimer, Chief Development Officer and Financial Advisor. “We are committed to supporting our local community and see this as an excellent vehicle to support local university students. We immediately saw the impact this program can and will have and are proud to be a part of it.”
Northwestern Mutual – Boise, Idaho is a multi-faceted wealth management team helping their clients to develop a budget and long-term plan for achieving their financial goals, tackling debt and growing wealth. Northwestern Mutual – Boise, Idaho also provides services in life and disability insurance as well as long-term care planning.
“All of us in the Idaho State University College of Business are incredibly thankful to Northwestern Mutual – Boise, Idaho for their support of our sales program and for this gift permanently endowing a new scholarship that will benefit our students forever,” said Dr. Shane Hunt, Dean of the College of Business.
The Professional Sales Program was announced in September of 2020 and is designed to provide any Idaho State University student with the opportunity to become skilled in the areas of personal, brand and merchandise selling.
Students in the program benefit from the expertise of a board of high-level sales professionals one of which is Jeff Wimer, Chief Development Officer and Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual in Boise. Other members of the advisory board include Brandon Daw, Regional Sales Coordinator at Aflac; Eric Driscoll, CEO of United Ag & Turf; Merril Hoge, Former NFL Running Back, Best-Selling Author and Motivational Speaker; Kent Malinowski, CEO of SuccessWorks, Inc; Virginia Lee Williams, Vice President of Global Customer success at Planview, Inc.; and Don Zebe, Vice President of Brokerage Services at Colliers International. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to participate in two sales competitions a year where they conduct a mock sale with a buyer and seller. In the competition, students compete for cash prizes.
The Sales Certificate is open to any Idaho State University student and requires just three courses to complete.


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