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Elizabeth Brunner and Sarah Partlow-Lefevre publish article about #MeToo

May 1, 2020

Elizabeth Brunner and Sarah Partlow-Lefevre of the Department of Communication, Media, and Persuasion have published an article about the #MeToo movement.
Published in the journal Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies, the article examines how #MeToo swept across social media networks, increasing public consciousness in a new media environment.
“Social media networks connect users via a series of strong and weak ties that allow information to move further faster and to reach people outside the small group, raising national and global consciousness to a level that results in widespread action,” Brunner and Partlow-Lefevre write. “#MeToo’s visibility across [wild public networks] helps make clear that feminist movements, in all their iterations, are still very much necessary.”
The full article, entitled “#MeToo as networked collective: examining consciousness-raising on wild public networks,” is available via Taylor & Francis Online


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