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Dunzik-Gougar pens op-ed piece in New York Daily News

December 4, 2020

In her role as president of the American Nuclear Society, Idaho State associate dean and professor Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar co-wrote an opinion piece "For the environment, keep Indian Point open" for the New York Daily News.

Dunzik-Gougar is an asscociate professor of nuclear engineering and associate dean of the College of Science and Engineering, and is associate dean of the Center for Advanced Energy Studies. She co-wrote the opinion piece with Craig Piercy, executive director and CEO of the American Nuclear Society.

Their opinion piece, which appeared in the Nov. 30 edition of the publication, can be viewed at https://www.nydailynews.com/opinion/ny-oped-for-the-environment-keep-indian-point-open-20201130-mrj5n7tbezgcviijd42lbnkaqa-story.html.




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