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Families with fighting siblings age 4-11 sought for Idaho State University Psychology Clinic study

February 27, 2017

POCATELLO – Families with two or more children ages 4-11 who physically fight on a regular basis are sought for the on-going Sibling Aggression Project conducted at the Idaho State University Psychology Clinic.

“This research focuses on sibling fighting and exploring ways to help those kids and families manage routine conflicts,” said Stephanie Babbitt, an ISU clinical psychology doctoral student, supervised by Mark Roberts, ISU professor of clinical psychology.

“We’re trying to give children strategies other than being physically aggressive to solve their problems,” Babbitt said.

The Sibling Aggression Project focuses on replacing aggressive acts with skills. Children are trained and reinforced to resolve common sibling conflicts (e.g., over possessions, personal space, disagreements, violation of rights, teasing, etc.) with language, actions, and mental strategies relevant to the specific dispute (e.g., taking turns, assertiveness, reasoning, acceptance, etc.)

The initial two evaluation sessions that determine eligibility for the project are free.  Eligible participants are asked to participate in five treatment sessions and two post-treatment evaluation sessions, which include home record data collection. Participating families receive professional services at reduced fees or no cost.

There will be a $5 or $10 fee per session for the five treatment sessions, depending on family size and income. However, families completing the project will be given a $25 or $50 discount credited toward the five clinical sessions, making them free. Families who complete the project are also eligible for free follow-up appointments, as needed. Normal ISU Psychology Clinic session fees are $50 to $300, depending on family size and income.

For more information, call the ISU Psychology Clinic, at 208-282-2129 and ask about the Siblings Aggression Project.