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Idaho State University announces multimillion-reinvestment initiative

November 14, 2014
ISU Marketing and Communications

Idaho State University will be reinvesting nearly $7 million back into the University, the majority going to academic programs, deferred maintenance and infrastructure.

“This is the result of a campus-wide commitment to fiscal responsibility. Every unit across campus was within budget last year, which is enabling us to reinvest these additional funds back into the campus,” said James Fletcher, ISU vice president for finance and administration. “Based on the University’s current financial positioning, we anticipate that this will also allow us to continue our commitment to declining tuition and fee increases.”

After years of conservative spending, the University is nearing its reserve target. As a result, Idaho State University is reinvesting in critical areas across the University. This initiative includes significant investments in technology, facilities upgrades, research support, a property purchase, and additional recruitment and retention efforts to support the University’s enrollment goals.

Technology upgrades will include the purchase of more than 200 new computers for faculty and student use, as well as lab equipment upgrades and repairs. Additionally, the University will implement a new electronic health record system, purchase new dispatch equipment for public safety and implement a variety of software upgrades to improve administrative efficiency.

A $1.5 million investment will go toward deferred maintenance issues including HVAC repairs in Leonard Hall, Trade and Technology, Fine Arts and the Idaho Museum of Natural History. Upgrades to one of the University’s lecture centers will make the large classroom ADA accessible. In addition, new paint and repairs will be completed in 20 classrooms across campus.

“We’ve worked with our campus constituents to identify the most needed improvements and equipment upgrades across the University,” explained ISU President Arthur Vailas. “This is a strategic investment that will help us continue our momentum. Great things are indeed happening at ISU.”


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