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Idaho State University alumnus Kyle Packer to sign children’s book at CW HOG Pig Out Sept. 14

August 23, 2013
ISU Marketing and Communications

Idaho State University alumnus Kyle Packer will be signing his new children's book "Stare If You Dare" at the CW HOG (Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group) Pig Out on Saturday, Sept. 14, at Lower Ross Park Pavilion.

"The book is about a boy who has a disability and he is in his home and hears children playing in park and wants to play with them," said Packer. "His mom agrees and as they get closer to the park, kids stop and start staring at him. He sits at picnic table and wonders, 'why are they staring at me?'"

Packer started writing the book over three years ago. He did not think it would go anywhere, so he did not pursue it. However, two of his friends encouraged him to continue, and the book was recently published.

Packer is a native to Idaho, but has spent the last 19 years living in Illinois.

"I was in a documentary called ‘Uphill Climb,'" said Packer. "The documentary got my foot in the door for my book. I spoke to a school in Illinois about my disability, cerebral palsy, and my trip to Mount Everest. One teacher heard my story and thought it would be good to make a film about it. At the time, I was getting ready to go to Mount Kilimanjaro. However, 9/11 happened and the film crew did not want leave country. So, we went to Idaho and did some white water rafting, and rock climbing."

The film was submitted to the Mid-America Emmy Awards and received six awards overall. 

"CW HOG turned my life around," said Packer. "Through the program, I was able to graduate from college and travel to Mount Everest. I encourage other disabled people to get involved with the program." 

For more information about CW HOGS visit www.isu.edu/cwhog.



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