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Idaho State University Idaho Accelerator Center receives $670k for research project from Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission

June 18, 2012
ISU Marketing and Communications

The Idaho State University Idaho Accelerator Center will receive $670,700 for the development of commercially-viable accelerator-produced materials for medical and semiconductor industry applications from the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM).

"This grant will help grow high-tech research and economic development in medical isotopes and accelerator-modified materials," said Doug Wells, director of the Idaho Accelerator Center and the grant's principal investigator.

He said ISU will partner with regional high-tech companies to grow regional business. Those companies include International Isotopes, Inc., ON Semiconductor and Iotron, Inc.

"This research project will also help educate students and provide a pipeline of regional high-tech talent," Wells added.Richard T. Jacobsen, executive director of the ISU Office of Research and Technology Transfer, said the IGEM proposals funded by HERC are a major step forward in creating a constructive partnership among Idaho's research universities and the state’s private sector.

"As high quality successful university research is transitioned to new opportunities for economic development, all parties involved are winners," Jacobsen said. "The best research becomes the basis for new medical processes and devices, new ways of producing and utilizing energy, cyber-infrastructure and other products and processes to improve lives in Idaho. The potential is far-reaching."

ISU's award is one of three that were announced by the Higher Education Research Council (HERC) of the Idaho State Board of Education. Boise State University and the University of Idaho were also awarded $700,000 and $640,200, respectively for research projects.

The three winning proposals were selected by a review committee comprised of business and industry and higher education representatives.



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