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ISU students in Pocatello, Idaho Falls save $1 million by renting books at University Bookstore

April 27, 2011
ISU Marketing and Communications

Idaho State University students in Pocatello saved $805,000 and ISU students in Idaho Falls saved $203,000 by renting textbooks instead of buying them at the University Bookstore during 2010-2011 academic year.

"This is the savings over new textbook costs," said Laurie Richards, University Bookstore manager. "Any way you slice it, ISU students saved more than a million dollars with our rental program. We are pretty proud of this program and the success it has had the first year out."

The ISU students that saved money were participating in the Rent-A-Text, an innovative textbook rental program launched by Follett Higher Education Group. 

"Rent-A-Text offers students the option of renting new or used textbooks for an academic term rather than purchasing them," Richards said. "At the end of the term, students simply bring or ship the textbook back to the bookstore where it is checked in."

Renting instead of buying can save students more than 50 percent on average up front, as opposed to having to wait until they sell their books at the end of the term, Richards added. Rent-A-Text began at a few college campuses in 2009 and quickly grew. It's available at more than 850 schools nationwide. Nationwide, Rent-A-Text has saved students, who have rented more than 2.5 million textbooks, more than $110 million to date and may save up to $130 million by the end of the 2010-2011 academic year, according to Follett.

For more information on the textbook rental program, visit the ISU University Bookstore's website Additional information about Follett's Rent-A-Text program can be found at, on Twitter @rentatext and on Facebook at 




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