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Idaho State University Health High School continues dual enrollment for prep students summer and fall 2011, spring 2012

May 10, 2011
ISU Marketing and Communications

Idaho State University Health High School (UHHS) will continue its dual-enrollment health-related courses with two courses for summer of 2011, four classes in the fall and five in the spring of 2012. Qualified high school students may take web classes for both high school elective and academic college credit.

One of the best aspects of the program is its price per college credit: high school students participating in ISU's Early College Program have a $65 per credit hour fee for taking the classes. Regular ISU part-time fees are currently $273 per credit.

The UHHS program provides a platform for learning more about the health professions and offers high school students access to online courses throughout the state.  Courses include the following courses for summer:  HCA 1110-Intro to the Allied Health Professions and HCA 2210-Medical Terminology and Communication (two credit hours each).   A textbook is required for HCA 2210 and recommended for HCA 1110. The summer courses begin on June 6 and run through Aug. 5.

In the fall, CSED 2205-Introduction to Communication Differences and Disorders and HE 2221-Introduction to Health Education will also be offered. PTOT 2299-Introduction to Occupational Therapy will be added in the spring of 2012.

"If a student thinks he or she might be interested in one of the health professions, taking one or more of these on-line classes allows them to decide if they are truly interested in one of the disciplines as their future career," said Barbara Bishop, Director of the Early College Program.

Students are also starting a college transcript, paying reduced fees and learning about the work required to be successful in college-level class work.

Interested students may apply for admission to take dual credit classes by submitting their application at and choosing the "Early College Program" application.  A High School Verification and Parent/Guardian document must be signed by a high school official and parent or guardian and submitted to the Early College Program before admission is complete.  Once those steps have been taken, the student will be mailed their user name and password needed to register for the dual credit classes or they can call the Service Desk at 282-4357, answer some security questions and receive their user name and password by phone.  Students already admitted for Early College in the 2010-11 school year have their user name and password and may register, as long as they are still in high school.

For more information, please contact the Early College Program at 282-6067 or 282-2633 or visit one or both of the web sites at or

In addition, the UHHS site offers online technology for high school teachers facilitating online learning activities for their own classes with access from the UHHS site.

The online learning community features a Student Cafe, Teachers Cafe, parents' bulletin board and an "Ask a Professional" discussion board.





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