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Information session on veterans’ educational benefits set July 29 at Idaho State University

July 24, 2009
ISU Marketing and Communications

An informational session on veterans’ educational benefits available at Idaho State University will be held from 7 to 9 p.m. Wednesday, July 29, in the ISU Pond Student Union Wood River Room.

The event is sponsored by the new ISU Veterans’ Sanctuary program, which is designed to inform veterans about all the educational benefits available to them; streamline the enrollment process; provide peer and professional mentoring; and provide a wide range of student services to veterans throughout their college careers at Idaho State University. 

“We’ll be discussing the benefits available to them and can get them enrolled at ISU as quickly and easily as possible, “ said Scott Turner, university business officer for Student Affairs who was involved with creating the program. “The Sanctuary program is a ‘one-stop shopping’ opportunity for veterans that will address all their needs through one contact at the University.”

Each veteran who applies to ISU through the Sanctuary program will be assigned to one person dedicated to help the veteran get through school. The Sanctuary program will offer veterans enhanced customer service to help them utilize the full gamut of student affairs programs, from the Career Center and Counseling and Testing Center, to Student Health Services.

But the Sanctuary Program goes beyond providing better customer service opportunities and is designed to create cohort groups among veterans to help them establish connections with other veterans. When possible, veterans will be enrolled in freshmen classes with other veterans.

“All the research shows that veterans need other veterans around to help them decompress from their military duty,” said Lynn Roberts, a university business officer for arts and sciences, who also was involved in the program’s creation. “Their first year at ISU veterans will basically have the same classes with the same people and that will help fend off a lot of the difficulties in adapting back into civilian and university life.”

The University wants to recognize the contributions made by veterans.

“Veterans have earned their citizenship and the right not to stand in line,” Roberts said. “We want to honor them and welcome them to Idaho State University by offering them the most comprehensive program we can provide.”

For information on the July 29 informational session or the ISU Sanctuary Program call (208) 282-2676.


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