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Doctor and PA students


"I consider them my kids," Mock chuckles. He's dressed in a white lab coat with a stethoscope slung across his shoulders. Pinned to his lapel is a green button that reads: "Trust me. I'm a doctor."

Bass guitar player

Outreach Attracts Talent

They come by the thousands, sometimes from hundreds of miles away, attracted to Idaho State University through the varied and many outreach activities offered by the ISU College of Arts and Letters School of Performing Arts.


Roll Out

The off-road buggy built from scratch by the members of ISU's Society for Automotive Engineering can go up to 40 miles per hour, pretty fast for a home-built machine with a 10-horsepower engine.


A Furball of Fun

Idaho State University's Bengal mascot is as popular as ever, but since he was conceived in 1959, he has evolved by changing looks, tricks and behavior. His antics now are strictly G-rated, but that wasn't always the case.


Vailas and students

President's Message

At Idaho State University we create opportunities

Archeology students

Mammoth Find

Extracting a 70,000-year-old mammoth skull

America's Got Talent

National Talent

Samantha Lange on America's Got Talent

Mouse in Astronaut Helmet

Mice in Space

Mice on the International Space Station

Stephens Performing Arts Center


The NWCCU has reaffirmed ISU's accreditation

Van der Schyf

V.P. of Research

Van der Schyf Named Vice President

Debate Students

Debate Competition

ISU Captures National Title


Alumni event


Follow the Alumni

Nursing Class of 1956

Nursing Class of 1956

We were joined at the hip

Mark Mone

Leading in Higher Ed

An ISU MBA sparked a lifelong love of learning

Melissa Hunt

Grant Makes Dreams Possible

First grade art projects go beyond scissors and glue

Tal Sampson

Growing Success in Art

Tal Sampson is a rising artist

Jake Semons

Outdoors Brings Business to Life

ISU is an outdoor junction


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