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Idaho State University to increase and enhance safety and security measures on campuses

Posted June 19, 2014

As a result of an ongoing security assessment, Idaho State University will begin implementing additional safety and security measures across the ISU system. This is expected to be a multiphase process, which will initially include arming highly-trained, on-campus University officers.

The ISU Department of Public Safety officers have graduated from the ISU Law Enforcement Academy, which is an Idaho POST (Peace Officer Standard and Training) accredited program. Upon graduation they are eligible to take the certification test, which qualifies them as certified Peace Officers in the State of Idaho. They receive annual training in use of force, firearms, self-defense and other Peace Officer training by POST-certified instructors.

“Our objective is to maintain a safe and secure campus environment,” explained Steve Chatterton, ISU’s director of public safety. “We are increasing our officers” capabilities to respond timely.”

Beginning July 1, University policy will prohibit all persons, including holders of the two special classes of concealed carry permits, from carrying weapons in the following areas: Residence Halls, Albion Hall, Holt Arena, Reed Gymnasium, Davis Field, Stephens Performing Arts Center, Engineering Building (ISU Campus), RISE Center (ISU Campus), CAES Building (Idaho Falls) and the Meridian Campus. Campus safety officers are responsible for enforcing the new law and University policy in coordination with local law enforcement.

The University also anticipates requesting supplemental funding from the Idaho State Board of Education in January 2015 to help cover additional safety measures across its campuses. The University will be conducting ongoing research and safety reviews of peer institutions in an effort to enhance its future safety plans.

“As the seventh safest campus in the United States, we are committed to providing a secure environment conducive to teaching and learning. We will take every precaution necessary to ensure the continued safety of our Bengal community,” said ISU President Arthur Vailas.