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Idaho Museum of Natural History featured in May National Geographic Magazine

Posted April 17, 2014

The Idaho Museum of Natural History’s online, 3-D collections in the Idaho Virtualization Laboratory are featured in the May 2014 National Geographic Magazine, Volume 222, No. 5.

The magazine article features a large photo of Bison Bob, a 36,000-year old Ice Age steppe bison from the University of Alaska Museum of the North and smaller photos of other museum specimens that are part of the IMNH’s online repository of archaeological and fossil scans “including everything from ancient Helicoprion sharks to bows and arrows.”

The more than 15,000 bones and artifacts that have been scanned are 360-degree images that can be better examined by rolling, flipping and zooming in on them by computer users.

“We’re pleased that National Geographic Magazine has chosen to feature our online repository of scans and images. This recognizes the quality and value of work, and expands our reach to more audiences,” said Herb Maschner, IMNH director.

National Geographic Magazine notes that, according to Maschner, the IMNH’s efforts to create the online repository “is a move to democratize science and preserve fragile specimens.”

The one-page feature is located in the May National Geographic Magazine’s Next Section that begins on page 17.

To view IMNH Idaho Virtualization Laboratory scans, visit