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Idaho State University Oboler Library exhibits wildlife art by Lori Schoffield-Beer through April 2

Posted February 14, 2012

Local Southeast Idaho artist Lori Scoffield-Beer is displaying her paintings of nature through April 2 at in the Idaho State University Eli Oboler Library art gallery. 

Screech owl paintingScoffield-Beer's interest in drawing began as a very young child and has continued as a career of more than 20 years.  She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah State University and is also trained in illustration. Besides painting and drawing in the outdoors, her real love is being creative in her studio, where she can also study the intricacies of the objects she paints.

"There are many ways to understand our surroundings and the people, plants and animals we see every day. Some people might feel content to see a plant or a rock… others might want to see, then to touch; still others might need to engage all their senses," Scoffield-Beer said.

"They will be the ones who look," she continued, "walk up and touch an object, turn it over, give it a sniff, taste it, and pull on it or pound on it to see how it all works. Art is the way that I understand things. I can look, and touch and move an object, but I never feel that I have a good understanding of that subject until I draw and paint it."

Painting of roses and GoldfinchIn addition to studying the basics of art, the techniques of draftsmanship, and the uses of materials, composition and self-expression, Scoffield-Beer has spent years studying feathers, checking out the structure of a wing, and drawing the patterns on individual feathers. She also still spends a great deal of time studying the way light looks on water, on trees, on land and on people and animals, and on the reflections, shadows and shapes it makes.  For example, she has studied tree bark, clouds and ripples in water.

Scoffield-Beer explains that every new thing that she learns makes her art a little better, a little truer. The artist says that she always thinks she knows more than she does when beginning to draw or paint.  It is a humbling experience and also an unending challenge. She wants to share her learning and hopes that her artwork brings some pleasure to the viewer.

Scoffield-Beer's artwork can be viewed during regular library hours 7:30 a.m. to midnight Monday –Thursday, 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday and noon to midnight Sunday.